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Clutch Security Strap & Cardholder


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Carry your phone, your essential cards and an anti-drop device in one convenient package with Clutch.

A great addition to any phone, the Clutch is a combination security strap and wallet.

Clutch safely adheres to the back of your phone or phonecase making it a universal fit.  Can be removed with no sticky residue.

It holds 3 cards at a time so you can ensure that you always have your ID, credit card or any other essential cards whenever your phone is on hand.  The Clutch has built-in RFID protective shielding which deflects external information theft attempts.

The universal phone strap makes sure you never have to worry about your phone slipping out of your hand again! The elastic hand strap secures your phone so you can text, take pictures, watch videos and more while avoiding unfortunate and costly drops.

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